Participation Rules
By submitting an application for participation in the Lutsk International Biennale of Contemporary Art you confirm that you have read and agreed to the participation rules below.

  1. Applications for participation in the Lutsk International Biennale of Contemporary Art (hereinafter “the Biennale”) are accepted from curators and artists from any country. Place of birth and/or residence does not matter.
  2. When sending a request, the Participant confirms that he / she has exclusive rights for the artworks (for artists), concepts and texts (for curators).
  3. Participants may submit one or more applications, each time filling out a new form.
  4. The concepts of works submitted by the Participants must be new (preferably), specially created for the Lutsk International Biennale of Contemporary Art.
  5. Selection of works for participation in the Biennale is carried out by the pre-formed Expert Council.
  6. The final list of selected works (participants) will be officially published on the website:
  7. The Expert Council determines the winners of the Biennale and awards prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ($3,000, $2,000 and $1,000, respectively).
  8. When sending the application, the Participant confirms his / her consent to the storage and processing of personal data.
  9. Personal data, images, videos, text descriptions and other materials, attached to the application by the Participant, can be published on the Biennale's website and used to promote the Biennale in any communication channels.
  10. By participating in the Contest, the Participants agree that their personal data, including names, surnames, and other data, will be processed and can be used by the Organizer for advertising purposes in media without paying any additional fee.
  11. Relations between the Participant and the Organizer are established on a contractual basis. The works of the Participants are provided for temporary use for the purpose of exhibiting at the Biennale.
  12. The Participant transfers to the Organizer the right to use the artwork free of charge for the period of validity of exclusive rights on the territory of Ukraine to the extent necessary for lawful exposition of the work in a place open to an unlimited number of people, regardless of whether such actions are carried out for profit or not; and allows the free use of the work for informational and cultural purposes.
  13. The Organizer carries out or pays for the transportation of selected works in both directions.
  14. The Organizer guarantees to all selected Participants the provision of travel, accommodation, and meals in case of need to create artworks in Lutsk.
  15. The costs of installation, dismantling, and organization of artworks creation in Lutsk shall be borne by the Organizer based on the Contract concluded with the Participant.
  16. The works created within the Biennale may be dismantled (the Organizer does not guarantee the storage or subsequent purchase of works).
  17. The author can donate artworks for the purpose of exhibiting them by the Organizer.
  18. If the author wants to take the artwork (created within the Biennale) back, he / she will bear all the costs of packaging, insurance, and transportation.
  19. The Organizer has the right to reject any submitted application without explanation.
  20. The Expert Council has a right not to accept incomplete applications.
  21. In everything that is not covered by these Rules, the Organizer and the Contest Participants are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.
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